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Thank you for visiting! Motivated2Move is focused on providing high-quality motivation to help women all over the world get fit and healthy. Studies show most people who lose weight gain it back, plus some, why? One reason could be a lack of motivation! 
If you have ever felt unmotivated then you know how important motivation can be in getting things done. When it comes to weight loss, motivation is key. And we have found it's usually the missing link in most exercise programs. 
What motivates you to want to lose weight? Is it the start of a new year, hitting rock bottom or fitting in that dress? The problem with that kind of motivation is it eventually fades. The new year gets old, you come up from rock bottom or you just buy a bigger dress and call it a day.
Motivated2Move recommends a different type of motivation that last long term and starts with the way you think. This kind is based on good health and a better life, not on an event, a feeling or even a pretty dress. We would like to introduce you to motivation that can transform your life.
To do that we invite you to go back in time, back to the basics when type writers were cool and before obesity was an epidemic. What did people do then that we don't do now? They moved! They moved their bodies just to gather all the things they needed to survive the day. And, they ate more food from the ground instead of from the drive-thru window. You might say they had a different mind-set.
The nice thing about a mind-set is you can change it and that's where we start. Motivated2Move helps members change their mind-set when it comes to eating right and exercising. By starting there we get to the root of the problem and like anything else, when you start at the roots you solve the problem.

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          "Get your mind right and your body will follow"