Motivated2Move - Motivating Women Who've Tried It All!
About Us
Motivated2Move is dedicated to helping women everywhere put their health first and bring balance to their lives. Weight is a part of your life, a small part of the bigger picture. A life in balance includes a healthy weight and we help you achieve that through motivation. We appreciate the importance of motivation to help you stay focused and make small lifestyle changes each week. 
When you feel motivated it's easier to eat right, exercise and stay on track.
Our Video Coaching Guide gives you the tools you need to change bad habits to good ones, one habit at a time. It provides just the right combination of motivation, information on food and exercise, along with experiments that challenge you to be your personal best. And, it also includes a score sheet with a rating system that allows you to see your own progress as you shed those pounds. This guide is used with our "Big Girls Don't Cry" club, but can be used on your own. We invite you to join the club and lose the weight!
We have designed our service with you in mind and we have just the thing to help you get started moving in the right direction. Reading our weekly blog is the first step, it will gradually help you start to change your mind-set and the best part, it's free!  We call it a  "healthy dose of motivation with a twist" and we think you will love the twist. Be sure to read it weekly for best results.
After years of research we have discovered It's not enough to give someone a fitness plan and tell them to follow it. You have to get people to the point where they want to do it, because the truth is we usually do the things we really want to do. When you want to eat healthy and exercise that's when your struggle is over. Motivated2Move helps you get there, in fact our goal is to get you to a place where you simply would not have it any other way. Now that's what we call success!
By providing the right kind of motivation in small doses, at just the right time using just the right tools changes everything, including your life. Our service is not a quick fix, but a process that takes time and if you are willing to put in the time the results will amaze you!
 To provide the very best motivation for each unique person, so you feel impelled and empowered to become healthy, fit and fantastic!
                                                     Motivating Quote
         "When you are the best you can be, we all win"