Motivated2Move - Motivating Women Who've Tried It All!

Motivated2Move is reaching out to women everywhere to help them lose weight and get healthy. We provide a fun way to get fit for life. Our "Big Girls Don't Cry" club offers motivation, information and the personal support needed to make lifestyle changes over time. When you join the club you will enjoy - games that inform, an exercise of your choice, and a support system that make lifestyle changes feel like fun. Our online Video Coaching Guide was designed to use with others but can be followed on your own.

Members can start their very own "Big Girls Don't Cry" club and meet weekly with their friends, family, co-workers or neighbors and have fun getting fit together. It's fun, it's informative and it works!
Our Video Coaching Guide will help you gradually change your lifestyle one step at a time, it is the starting point for healthy living. New members can use the guide to start their own "Big Girls Don't Cry" club at work or home. The guide comes with all the instructions you need to get started. It's easy - just gather your friends, get them signed up for our coaching guide and let the games begin! 

Our logo represents every part of our program and a healthy lifestyle. We like to think of it as a picture of health. We use the logo to work on making healthy changes. There are five parts to the logo below and each part represents a part of our program. It's only when all the parts are in place that the service works perfectly! Read the information below for more details.

                             PROGRAM                                            LOGO
  • HEAD - Represents our blog and reading our Motivation Series and Delicious Diary. Entry.. This is a very important part of our program because it keeps you motivated and helps to bring about a gradual change in your mind-set. Read them on our blog weekly..

  • ARMSRepresents experiments that can help you change your habits. You always have the option to accept or pass on a experiment, but the more you accept and challenge yourself, the less challenging weight loss will be. Experiments also help you to find out what works for your lifestyle and what doesn't. 

  • BODY-  Represents food and the need to eat healthy most of the time if you want to get fit and stay fit. There is no need to deprive yourself of your favorite food, just have a strategy in place that works for the way you live. Our video coaching guide will help you find that perfect strategy. 

  • LEGS - Represents Exercise that help you transform your life and health. Our bodies were made to move, and the more you do it the better off you will be. The key to sticking with exercise is making it feel like it's not.

  • FLOWER - Represents rating yourself, when you rate yourself each week you will see clearly the progress you are making. You will be able to track your habits and make adjustments if needed. You will give yourself one point for each part of the logo you work on for the week. When you work on every part, your score will be a five. The rating system is on a scale of 1-5, 5 is excellent..

These are all the parts of our logo. Like a well functioning body Motivated2Move works best when members have each part in place. It really does make losing weight so much easier. 

Join us and receive our online Video Coaching Guide by signing up for our 9.99 membership.You will receive a new guide each month. Just click the subscribe button below to get started!

          Fostering good health and foster kids!

We love foster kids and we love caring for them with care packages paid for with each membership. Hand delivered from one foster kid to another!
                                                      Motivating Quote
                 "If your habits are good your body will show it"