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Motivation Series - Do This, Not That!
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Motivation Series - Do This, Not That!
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Kathleen's Blog

April 2014

Motivation Series - Pinch an Inch!

                                                  Motivation Series
                           "A healthy dose of motivation with a twist"

If asked to pinch an inch, most of us could pinch several inches in more places than one. And those are the very same inches that creep up on us when we are not looking. They come out of no where and without warning. What's a girl to do? The first thing is to weigh yourself every week so you won't get any surprises, unless of course, you like surprises. The second thing is don't eat more calories than you need. And, the third thing is to move as much as possible everyday. Doing these things will help you lose weight and stay healthy. You still may be able to pinch an inch, but it will be in all the right places!

Motivating Tip
To keep your weight in check, have a plan, know your weight and eat healthy most of the time. Look for ways to move more and sit less during the day. Be determined to live a healthy lifestyle, it's your life make it a healthy one.

Motivating Quote
"If you can pinch an inch, you can lose a pound."

Motivation Series - Do This, Not That!

                                                 Motivation Series
                           A healthy dose of motivation with a twist"

Do This:

1. If you don't know how many calories you are eating - google it!

2. Keep a food diary, and don't forget to include drinks.

3. Eat slow, you will eat less.

4. Start with less on your plate. Studies show we usually eat everything on our plate.

5. Use small dishes, small cups and chop sticks instead of a fork. That will slow you down.

Not That:

1. Don't bury your head in the sand when it comes to your calorie intake. Know your numbers.

2. Don't try to remember what you ate, write it down.

3. Don't eat fast, you will eat lots of calories in a short amount of time.

4. Don't fill your plate up, it's too tempting to eat it all.

5. Don't eat on big dishes, big is not better.

Motivating Tip
Every single bite of food you eat will have to be used or stored as fat. Eat the right amount of food for your energy level.

Motivating Quote
"Even if you don't keep track of how much you eat, your body does."

Delicious Diary Entry - My WillPower!

                                               Delicious Diary Entry
                             "A healthy dose of motivation with a twist"

My name is Ms. Delicious Diary and my job is to see how my clients are really doing when it comes to their weight loss journey. My favorite clients are Super Size-It Sally and Low-Calorie Lucy, along with their close knit group of friends. They all have their own way of dealing with their issues, and the funniest nicknames to prove it as you will see as you read their diary entries each week. I hold the key to the diary in this special little green bag. My fingers are itching to unlock the diary and see their weight loss or gain, and check their delicious food entries.

Dear Diary: My WillPower!

Super-Size It Sally:

Sweet-Tooth Twinkie came in the door confessing her sins over the weekend. Our coaching session was all about willpower and Sweet-Tooth Twinkie admitted she had none when it came to her love of sweets. She said she can't stop eating them, but the coach asked a very good question - are you buying sweets and keeping them in your house? Yes, I have a cabinet full of them, she said under her breath. She said that is your first mistake. Don't put food in your house that you don't want to eat. If you have to go and get it every time you want something sweet, you are less likely to eat it.

Low-Calorie Lucy:

Sometimes you just have to clean house and get a fresh start. Get all the tempting foods out of your house. I learned the hard way you can make it harder on yourself to resist temptations by stocking your cabinets with the very food you are trying not to eat. Where is the logic in that?

Lifestyle change of the week!
Have a strategy in place to make it easier to succeed. Don't make it harder by putting temptations in every nook and cranny for easy access. Make it so hard to get the food that it's not worth the effort. Be smarter than the temptation, it will pass.

Motivating Quote
"You have the power, will you use that willpower to fight temptation and lose weight."

Motivation Series - Eating For Two!

                                                 Motivation Series
                           "A healthy dose of motivation with a twist"

Eating for two means you are eating for yourself and someone else. And, unless you are pregnant, that's probably not a good idea. If you eat enough food to feed two people, you will become two people all wrapped up into one. Most of us eat more food than we need in a day, it's true. It's not hard to do, in fact it's down right easy. For that reason we need to be conscious of portion size. Try to make most of your portion sizes about the size of your fist. That's a reliable way to get the right size, and you always have your fist with you. If you do this, it will become your new normal and you will be eating just for one, you!

Motivating Tip
Eat small portion sizes, it's usually the perfect size. And, in this case, size really does matter.

Motivating Quote
"When you eat for two, you double your size."