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Motivation Series - Do This, Not That!
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Delicious Diary Entry
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Kathleen's Blog

Delicious Diary Entry - My Book Club Chat!

                                                     Delicious Diary Entry
                                 "A healthy dose of motivation with a twist"

My name is Ms. Delicious Diary and my job is to see how my clients are really doing when it comes to their weight loss journey. My favorite clients are Super Size-It Sally and Low-Calorie Lucy, along with their close knit group of friends. They all have their own way of dealing with their issues, and the funniest nicknames to prove it as you will see as you read their diary entries each week. I hold the key to the diary in this special little green bag. My fingers are itching to unlock the diary and see their weight loss or gain, and check their delicious food entries.

Dear Diary:  My Book Club Chat!

Super Size-It Sally:

Page 25 reads - I really thought I would be able to keep the weight off this time. I was determined to show everyone I could do it, Jane cried as she poured her heart out to her best friend. Her friend has been with her through all her ups and downs, good times and bad times, weight loss and weight gain. But, she secretly knows that if Jane is ever going to lose weight, she has to do it for herself not for any other reason. In the past she just wanted to prove something to everyone else, instead of proving  it to herself.  I am her friend and don't want to upset her, plus I have my own battles with weight so who am I to talk.........
Low-Calorie Lucy:

Page 26 reads - Blah! Blah! Blah!, it all starts to sound the same as I listened to the new weight loss commercials on T.V. Cindy was tired of all the talk about how you could lose weight super fast, super easy, and eat super good food while doing it. And wait there's more, you don't even need to exercise. Cindy had tried them all and wasn't going to fall for that anymore. She knew deep down inside there was really only one sure way to lose weight and keep it off - eat less and move more. Everything she ever read, no matter how it's said comes back to that basic thing - eat less, move more. I hate it when they are right...........

Lifestyle change of the week!
It's not enough to know what to do, you have to want to do it and for the right reason. We all know to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you eat during the day. So what's the problem? In this case, knowledge is not power unless you use it. There are a lot of ways to eat less and move more. The trick is to find a strategy that works for you and your lifestyle.
Motivating Quote
"Miss a meal if you have to but don't miss a book."

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