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Motivation Series - Do This, Not That!
Motivation Series - Baby Steps!
Delicious Diary Entry - My Book Club Chat!
Motivation Series - Do This, Not That!
Motivation Series - Herbs & Spices!


Delicious Diary Entry
Motivation Series


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Kathleen's Blog

April 2016

Monthly Review!

                                                          Motivation Series
                                    "A healthy dose of motivation with a twist"

1. Eat your heart out on all the right stuff. You will feel better!

2. Get mad about fake food offered up to you on a silver platter.

3. You deserve only the very best food for your beautiful body.

4. You are what you eat, how could you not be?

5. When you eat healthy, losing weight will be a piece of cake!

Motivating Tip
Food designed for a long healthy shelf life should be left on the shelf not in your body. When it comes to food, be extra picky about what you eat and don't settle for fake food in real pretty packages.

Motivating Quote
"Life is short, fake food makes it shorter."

Motivation Series - What's On Your Plate?

                                                       Motivation Series
                                "A healthy dose of motivation with a twist"

What's on your plate starts way before you ever make it to the kitchen. It all begins at the grocery store, when you start loading up that cart with the wobbly wheel that couldn't turn a corner if it tried. But, you just deal with it because you are so hungry and only have one thing on your mind - food! This is where things really start to fall apart because you are shopping on an empty stomach, which usually means everything looks delicious including the box. By the time you fill your cart, it's full of bags and boxes that are loaded with preservatives, artificial this and superficial that, and chemicals to die for, literally!

Motivating Tip
Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, it's hard to think straight when you are shopping hungry. Make sure what you put in your cart is healthy and nutritious. Plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Some of the healthiest foods you could put in your cart and on your plate don't have an ingredient list, they don't need one because they are whole foods with nothing added or taken away.

Motivating Quote
"Plate your food from the ground up."

Delicious Diary Entry - My Book Club Chat!

                                                    Delicious Diary Entry
                                "A healthy dose of motivation with a twist"


My name is Ms.Delicious Diary and my job is to see how my clients are really doing when it comes to their weight loss journey. My favorite clients are Super Size-It Sally and Low-Calorie Lucy, along with their close knit group of friends. They all have their own way of dealing with their issues, and the funniest nicknames to prove it as you will see as you read their diary entries each week. I hold the key to the diary in this special little green bag. My fingers are itching to unlock the diary and see their weight loss or gain, and check their delicious food entries.

Dear Diary: My Book Club Chat!

Super Size-It Sally:  

Page 57 reads: Life is too short to worry about my weight, at least that's what Tammy has been telling herself for years. She decided she would just live her life and except that she is big boned and not over weight. Well, that's a funny way to look at things, but the elephant in the room was getting bigger by the minute. Did she really believe that was the root of her problem - big bones?...

Low-Calorie Lucy:

Page 58 reads: The things people will say to convince themselves that the extra weight is not extra at all. It's just a pile of bones weighing them down. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but bones, no matter how big are usually not the problem. And, using that as an excuse for extra weight will only prevent you from losing the weight, because after all, no one wants to lose their bones...

Lifestyle change of the week!
The first step to losing weight is to realize what the problem is so you can do something about it. If you are not sure what is causing your weight gain, keep a diary of your habits for a couple of weeks and see if you can spot the problem. I suggest you write down what you are eating and not just how many calories but how long it would take to work off those calories. If you are not doing the activity to work off what you are eating, then you will see why you are gaining weight.

Motivating Quote
"Miss a meal if you have to but don't miss a book"

Motivation Series - Food For Thought!

                                                      Motivation Series
                              "A healthy dose of motivation with a twist"

Have you noticed all the pretty pictures on boxes of food that look so delicious you could eat the box. But, then you take a peek at the ingredients list and suddenly that food is not so delicious after all. In fact, it can be down right dangerous for your health. The list is so long with words you can't even pronounce and probably shouldn't eat. All to give it a shelf life to die for. It's not even real food with real ingredients for real people. Which only leaves one question - Do you really want to eat this stuff?

Motivating Tip
Pay attention to what you are eating by reading the ingredients list. Ignore all the pretty pictures and buzz words like - all natural, healthy, low-fat, fat-free, sugar free, low-carb, no carbs and even calorie free. And, just remember if something has been taken out, check to see what has been added back to make it taste like nothing has been taken out.

Motivating Quote
"Don't think about your food as an after thought."