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Motivation Series - Do This, Not That!
Motivation Series - Baby Steps!
Delicious Diary Entry - My Book Club Chat!
Motivation Series - Do This, Not That!
Motivation Series - Herbs & Spices!


Delicious Diary Entry
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Kathleen's Blog

July 2016

Motivation Series - Monthly Review!

                                                        Motivation Series
                                     "A healthy dose of motivation with a twist"

1. Why eat chemicals made to look like food when you can eat real food without chemicals?

2. Why not exercise to stay healthy and live longer?

3. Why not be a picky eater, you will be healthier?

4. Why gain weight when you could lose weight?

5. Why, Why, Why?

Motivating Tip
Why not eat better, exercise more and lose weight? Why not be good to yourself? Why not get healthy and fit? These are questions that deserve an answer? Because you get one body and one life, why not take care of it?

Motivating quote
"Why wait? ."

Motivation Series - Love Yourself, Lose The Weight!

                                                         Motivation Series
                                 "A healthy dose of motivation with a twist"

What does love have to do with it? What does love have to do with losing weight? If you love your sweet self, you will make choices that nourish you, feed you and care for you! You will refuse to eat fake food just because it taste good. You will refuse to put a daily dose of chemicals in your beautiful body that serve no useful purpose other than to enrich those who sold it to you. Love of self has everything to do with making time to exercise so you can feel your best and be your best. Because you love yourself, you will cherish yourself. Because you love yourself, you will take special care of yourself. That's what love has to do with it!

Motivating Tip
It turns out love has everything to do with losing weight. Because all the choices you make reflect your love for yourself. So, if you really want to lose weight, fall madly in love with yourself!

Motivating Quote

Delicious Diary Entry - My Book Club Chat!


                                                   Delicious Diary Entry
                                "A healthy dose of motivation with a twist"


My name is Ms.Delicious Diary and my job is to see how my clients are really doing when it comes to their weight loss journey. My favorite clients are Super Size-It Sally and Low-Calorie Lucy, along with their close knit group of friends. They all have their own way of dealing with their issues, and the funniest nicknames to prove it as you will see as you read their diary entries each week. I hold the key to the diary in this special little green bag. My fingers are itching to unlock the diary and see their weight loss or gain, and check their delicious food entries.

Dear Diary: My Book Club Chat!

Super Size-It Sally:

Page 63 reads: Mary-Mac & Cheese went to the gym this morning to work off some of her favorite food. She knew if she pigged out over the weekend, she would have to hit the gym hard if she did not want to gain weight. So she made a verbal agreement with herself that if she had a pig-out day she had to go work it off, no excuses. She honored her own agreement even though she wished she had never made it...

Low-Calorie Lucy:

Page 64 reads: Little-Miss Salad is tired of being little miss perfect when it comes to eating right. She can't take any more lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers even if they are fresh and in season. She wants something that will stick to her ribs, like a whole rack of ribs dripping in BBQ sauce that will fill her up and has staying power for a change...

Lifestyle change of the week!
Eat everything in moderation to have a healthy lifestyle. Depriving yourself of all the foods you love will only create a strong desire for that food. And eventually you will give in and eat all those foods you have swore off as bad, bad food. After all if food tastes that good, how can it be bad right, right!

Motivating Quote
"Miss a meal if you have to but don't miss a book."

Motivation Series - Beach Body!

                                                           Motivation Series
                                    "A healthy dose of motivation with a twist"

Everybody wants a beach body, but how do you get that body beach ready? Well, here is the secret that no one is telling you - there is no secret! You can't wait for beach weather to try and get a beach body.The key to looking good in the summer months is to look smokin hot when it's freezing cold and snowing out side. Maintaining a healthy body is not seasonal, it's a way of life. Eating healthy foods that nourish your body instead of just filling you up on empty calories that taste good, and exercising on a regular basis will have you beach ready year around!

Motivating Tip
To get beach body ready year around, adopt a healthy way of life. It is easier than you think to choose delicious healthy food instead of delicious junk food with no nutritional value. Start with small healthy food choices and then go big!

Motivating Quote
"Beach body ready, set, go."