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Motivation Series - Do This, Not That!
Motivation Series - Baby Steps!
Delicious Diary Entry - My Book Club Chat!
Motivation Series - Do This, Not That!
Motivation Series - Herbs & Spices!


Delicious Diary Entry
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Kathleen's Blog

August 2016

Motivation Series - Monthly Review!


                                                                Motivation Series
                                        "A healthy dose of motivation with a twist"

1. An easy way to cut back on calories is to use small dishes. You won't look at your plate and feel deprived.

2. Start with less on your plate, you will eat less. Studies show we eat what's on our plate even when we've had enough.

3. Drink a glass of water before your meal or have a bowl of soup. You will be half way there, full and satisfied on less.

4. Eat nutritious food so after you eat, your body won't still be craving what it needs. Junk food doesn't have the nutrients your body needs, leaving your body hungry for more.

5. Eat healthy during the week and splurge on the weekend. That's my strategy and I'm sticking to it.

Motivating Tip
Try new ways to eat less and see what works for you. When you find what works stick to it. Even if you get off track, get right back on track until it's a habit. The more you do it the easier it gets!

Motivating Quote
"Food for thought, chew on that."

Motivation Series - Do This, Not That!

                                                     Motivation Series
                                "A healthy dose of motivation with a twist"

Do This:

1. Make your life healthy.

2. Eat, drink and move.

3. Cook at home, eat at home.

4. Skip fast-food for slow cooked.

5. Have a junk food day.

Not That:

1. Don't let unhealthy food make you sick.

2. Don't eat, drink and sit.

3. Don't forget your kitchen is made for cooking.

4. Don't eat food fast.

5. Don't forget to have a treat day.

Motivating Tip
It's the little things you do day in and day out that add up and show up on your body. Make sure most of what you do is healthy for the best results.

Motivating Quote
"Do eat healthy, Don't just sit there."

Delicious Diary Entry - My Book Club Chat!

                                                   Delicious Diary Entry
                                 "A healthy dose of motivation with a twist"


My name is Ms.Delicious Diary and my job is to see how my clients are really doing when it comes to their weight loss journey. My favorite clients are Super Size-It Sally and Low-Calorie Lucy, along with their close knit group of friends. They all have their own way of dealing with their issues, and the funniest nicknames to prove it as you will see as you read their diary entries each week. I hold the key to the diary in this special little green bag. My fingers are itching to unlock the diary and see their weight loss or gain, and check their delicious food entries.

Dear Diary: My Book Club Chat!

Super Size-It Sally:

Page 67 reads: Tammy wondered why she had to watch every bite of food while her best friend shovels down pizza's, fries and burgers but never gains a pound. It doesn't make sense to her if what all the dietitians say is really true. All I have to do is look at a cookie too long and I can feel my thighs expanding. I wish someone could really tell me how this weight thing works...

Low-Calorie Lucy:

Page 68 reads: It's not rocket science although it may seem like it when comes to weight loss or gain for that matter. Tammy failed to realize each person is different, there is no one size fits all. Genes are different, bodies are different, lifestyles are different which makes all of us unique in our own way. The key is to try different ways of doing the same thing until we stumble on what works for us...

Lifestyle change of the week!
The first step in finding out works for you is to be willing to try new things. Because if you keep doing what you have always done, you will only get what you have always got. And that is not rocket science my friend!

Motivating Quote
"Miss a meal if you have to but don't
miss a book."

Motivation Series - Let The Music Move You!

                                                           Motivation Series
                                  "A healthy dose of motivation with a twist"

One of the best ways to pump up your exercise routine and work that body is to add music for motivation! Music is a fantastic way to add fun to movement because it puts a little more pep in your step. Music has been shown to increase the intensity and the duration when working out. The more upbeat the music the better your workout. We suggest putting together a playlist just for your workout and don't stop until your playlist stops. Every time you here that playlist it will be your signal to move to the beat of the music!

Motivating Tip
When putting together a playlist for your workout, you might want to have a good mix of fast and slower music so you can pick up your pace depending on the song. It's called interval training and it's one of the fastest ways to lose weight. Throughout your entire workout, every few minutes just pick up the pace of whatever you are doing, then slow it down a little, then pick it back up. Keep doing this and use your music playlist to help you by mixing fast and slower songs.

Motivating Quote
"Music makes the world go round and the weight come off."